Dogwood Abstract

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I thought I’d try something abstract, but I’m not sure if I like the result or not.  I get a little dizzy if I look at it too long.  :-)  Regardless, I felt it was interesting and fun to shoot, so I posted it.

Here’s how I took the shot:

I was standing directly underneath a Dogwood tree.  It was a sunny day, and I knew I had to get a slower shutter speed to achieve the results, so I put a neutral density filter on my lens to reduce some light.  I then closed the aperture down to f/29.0 to cut off even more light.  I shot in manual mode, and when I metered I was able to get a correct exposure at 1/15 second shutter speed.  I would have liked something even slower, but I went with this setting.  I pointed the camera looking directly up into the tree, released the shutter, and then gave the camera a quick twist in my hands.

I think I’ll try this effect again this fall when there are more colors in the trees to shoot, and I believe a cloudy day might also give a better result.

Photo details: Nikon D80, Nikon 18-200mmVR lens @ 34mm, f/29.0, 1/15 sec. shutter, 100 ISO.  Shot with a neutral density filter.

Dogwood Sunrise

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I’ll make this week’s theme all about Dogwoods since they’re almost in full bloom right now.

“After all, I don’t see why I am always asking for private, individual, selfish miracles when every year there are miracles like white dogwood.”

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Best Bud

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My son Campbell, who also happens to be my very best buddy.

Rue Anemone

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I apologize for the site being down for a few days.  I think everything is fixed now.

Here’s a macro of a Rue Anemone, which is a tiny little woodland flower found in the spring.

Happy Easter

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A few tulips to wish everyone a Happy Easter!

Big Creek

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This is Big Creek Falls located near the Tennessee/North Carolina Border. For directions to this easily accessible waterfall click here.

Rainy Day

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My friends overlooking the Elk River near the Tennessee/North Carolina border on a very rainy day.

Spring Awakening

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Spring colors are popping out everywhere. I have a feeling I’ll be using the macro lens a lot in the next few weeks!